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Marketing Strategy

Product Launch Strategy

InSight Healthcare Consulting assists clients in development of plans to launch new products and to reposition and relaunch existing ones. Starting with the client's product goals and available resources, we assess the current market, unmet clinical needs, and customer perception of the product to develop a product positioning that can establish a strategic market position.

Insight Healthcare Consulting develops a pricing strategy to meet corporate objectives, whether to accelerate market penetration or to maximize profitability. When desired, Insight's consulting team can develop plans for promotional programs and for post-approval clinical studies. A project for a new market entry is described in the Completed Projects section.
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Positioning Studies

InSight Healthcare Consulting works with our clients to position (or reposition) products to meet their goals. Our staff's experience in developing, launching, and managing products in the healthcare market enables us to interpret as well as gather and analyze market information.

After first developing an understanding of the client's goals for a product, InSight develops a project plan. This plan can include any (or all) of the following elements:

  • testing product attributes with clinicians via qualitative and quantitative methods
  • testing positioning statements with targeted market segments
  • developing competitive analyses
  • assessing payor receptivity to proposed pricing
  • projecting market penetration

Ultimately, InSight develops actionable recommendations for achieving client goals. For an example of an InSight project for positioning a cardiovascular drug, please go to the Completed Projects section.
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Pricing Studies

Pricing is an extremely important element of strategy, having significant impact on both product positioning and product penetration rates. InSight assists our clients in developing a pricing strategy to achieve the client's goals for the product. Using a variety of qualitative and/or quantitative market research techniques, we test different pricing strategies. Pricing studies may involve data collection from both clinicians/prescribers as well as payors in developing the final pricing strategy.
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InSight Healthcare Consulting develops 3 - 5 year revenue forecasts for new and already-marketed products. Forecasts are based on our assessment of the underlying market, its future growth, the fit between the product and unmet clinical needs, and committed sales and marketing resources. To determine unmet clinical needs and assess clinical perception of the product, InSight Healthcare Consulting conducts in-depth interviews with thought leaders and with clinicians in community-based practices.
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